Harold Türkiye’de Watsu-3 Deneyimi

8 yıldır devam eden Watsu eğitim çalişmalarımızı Watsu 3 ile taçlandırıyoruz!

Watsu tarihindeki en önemli kişi ile Watsu Türkiye tarihindeki bu en önemli organizasyonu kaçırmayın!

Tarih: 17-22 Eylül 2015 (6 Gün)

Yer: Bakırköy Atatürk Yaşam Köyü / İSTANBUL


Toplam 750 Euro kurs ücretinin 11 Eylül 2015 tarihine kadar aşağıdaki hesap numaralarına yatırılması gerekmektedir.

Göksel Ozan – Euro Hesabi
Ing Uskudar Sube (206)
Hesap No. 4638418-MY-1
Iban No. TR59 0009 9004 6384 1800 2000 01

Göksel Ozan – TL Hesabi
Ing Uskudar Sube (266)
Hesap No. 4638418-MT-1
Iban No. TR10 0009 9004 6384 1800 1000 03

Learn additional powerful stretches, step work, rolls that introduce Free Flow and other ways to adapt each session.
Open to students who have successfully completed WATSU® II and have given enough sessions to be relaxed and comfortable with their technique and sequence. It is a pre-requisite of this course that the above mastery be demonstrated (see special offers). At WATSU III you develop an intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and further adapt and explore outside the form of WATSU® II. Additional powerful stretches and advanced techniques will be taught. Students expand their WATSU® vocabulary, enhance spontaneous creativity and develop their own personal style.

There will be Istanbul Trip for full day including Bosphorus Cruise one day after the course. Guidance Free!

Last Day Dinner will be free in a restaurant with thriving scene of the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia! (following day after the course).

Course Date: 17-22 September 2015 ( 6 Day)

Location: Bakırkoy / Istanbul

The Course Fee: 750 Euro
Send email to ingilizceden@gmail.com for the registration and further information or call 00905324662120.